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Mojo Goes to the Vet

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Rescued on May 5th 2018, Mojo came to The Red Barn very sick, with a large lump on the right side of his face. He was said to have previously been a youth ranch horse, but unfortunately ended up at Sunnyside kill pen. Mojo turned out to be around 20 years old, and was so sick that we thought that we were going to lose him. After 2 months of quarantine and antibiotics, he finally started looking better and gaining weight. During that time, we had also found out what a sweet and gentle horse Mojo was at heart. He would hide the right side of his face as if to say, "don't look at it, it hurts, but I'm okay."

Mojo at Sunnyside Kill Pen

Image from Sunnyside Kill Pen

Finally, Mojo was able to see a vet at Emerald Downs for a check up and X-Rays of his face. He had been having a snotty nose as well, so we were worried that he had caught a cold on top of everything else.

After his exam and X-Rays, it turned out that Mojo has a massive sinus infection that may require extraction of 4 or 5 teeth and/or draining of his sinus. So the "good news" was that the snot dripping from his nose was not a cold, but rather pus from his infected sinus! Along with this diagnosis (and referral to get a CAT scan) we found out that Mojo also has ringbone on his pasterns and a possible bone spur. He was deemed safe to walk / trot with specialized shoes and joint supplements.

Mojo's journey and vet appointments are far from over, and everyone at the rescue is invested in seeing Mojo make a full recovery and finally live comfortably. Please consider making a donation towards Mojo on our "Donate" page to help us pay for his vet bills and rehabilitation.